GSM Balance


Description: Ours is one of the renowned and certified organizations, engaged in manufacturing and exporting a unique range of GSM Balance. This simple and quick device is widely used to directly indicates the weight per unite area in grams per square meter (GSM) on a sector scale when a sample of selected size is suspended from a clamp fixed to the pointer arm. Design specifications: This balancing instrument is widely used for measuring the GSM of fabric, paper, flooring, PVC film and other flexible sheet material Supplied with two templates, these are designed to give the weight per unit area of textile fabrics directly Along with a provision for leveling, this balance instrument contains a quadrant scale calibrated in values of GSM fixed in a vertical plane on a rigid base At the center point of the scale a pointer beam is pivoted on two jewel bearings With the help of either of the two templates provided (or by round cutter) a specimen of specified area is cut out from the fabric and is suspended on one end of the pointer beam The weight per unite area is read directly from the quadrant scale


  • Range: 300 GSM And 600 GSM

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