Asha Scientific Works



Fume  Exhaust hoods are designed to contain and exhaust toxic. Obnoxious or otherwise  harmful gases, vapors, mist etc to protect personnel and equipment. A motor  driven blower creates negative pressure within the chamber extracting the  contaminated air from work-area and expel it in to the atmosphere. The hood is  ventilated of the air drawn from inside the laboratory which is used  effectively for thorough sweep out of work chamber. Fabricated out of best  quality thick weather resistant Duro board clad in mica lamination from  outside, inner chamber finished in chemical- resistant Epoxy paint and work  surface covered with thick non-glosing &amp; non – rating stainless steel sheet  and counter balanced sliding Sash. Fluorescent tubes are fitted inside. A gas  tap and an electric plug is also provided to work on 220/230 V AC 50 HZ power  plug. A work bench/Table&nbsp;<strong>(Optional)</strong>&nbsp;to install equipment any  where in the lab can b e supplied. The work bench is fabricated out of square  steel pipe or hard wood and have a cupboard and a drawer

Size  of Working Area


4’ x 2’6” x 4