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For demonstration of the decomposition of water, determination of chemical composition by electrolysis and with applications in the evaluation of the electro chemical equivalent of hydrogen. For the electrolysis of water, platinum electrodes are used and for the electrolysis of ammonia or hydrochloric acid carbon electrodes are used. The electrodes, available separately, are mounted in rubber stopper for insertion into the open ends of the voltameter limbs. This method, in addition to being convenient, obviates the use of fragile connections, such as platinum wire loops fused through the limbs. The glass unit has two connected limbs, each of approximately 50 ml. capacity, integral with reservoir tube and funnel shaped bulb, with a stopcock at the top of each limb for use on 12V D.C. supply.

A: Voltameter, glass unit only graduated, each lim 0 to 50 x 0.2ml. with instrutions but without stand.
i): Neutral glass ii) Borosilicate glass
B: Metal stand with mounts for giving support to cross limb and vertical limbs for above.
C: Carbon electrodes, in rubber stoppers approximately 110mm long in protection tube.
D: Pair of platinum electrodes with rubber stopper and protection tube.
E: Power supply 12 volts D.C