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D.C. Motr Special System Shaker to Work on 220 Volt A.C. for Variable and Smooth Function Speed Control by Speed Regulator. It is general-purpose machine and found very useful for mixing or agitation ingredients, solution in flasks, bottles, beakers and Kahn racks etc. Upper tray covered with rubber floor and sides of the tray are slotted to take parallel and cross bars cover with rubber to hold flasks, bottles beakers, Kahn racks etc. The bars are tightened with washers and fly nuts can be adjusted as per the requirement. cycles single phase (rates are without flasks, bottles, beakers Kahn racks)

Plateform Size (a) 20″ x 13″ x 4″ (c) 20″ x 13″ x 4″ (d) 31″ x 17″ x 4″ (e) 36″ x 18″ x 4″