Asha Scientific Works



The outer chamber is made of M.S. sheet duly painted and inner chamber of thick S.S. sheet. The gap between two walls is fitted with high grade glass wool to avoid thermal loss. The plexi glass window makes it possible to inspect the specimen without disturbing the inner temperature. The lid of chest type unit is fitted with flourocent tubes of 60 cm, length, on the inner side. The unit has a temperature range from 5 degree c to 60 degree c and is controlled with SOLID STATE DIGITAL TEMPERATURE INDICATOR-CUM-CONTROLLER with and accuracy of +- 0.5 degree c. When the tube lights are ON temperature range is from 1`0 degree c to 50 degree c. Air circulation fan is fitted to maintain temperature uniformity throughout. Cyclic illumination conditions are controlled by an automatic timer (0-24 hrs) fitted to the unit. It is fitted with DIGITAL SPEED METER (RPM COUNTER) for shaking platform having VARIABLE SPEED The shaker has variable speed and a platform containing accessory. To work on 220/230 volts A.C. supply a) Temp. range from 5 degree c above ambient to 50 degree c. b) Temp range from 5 degree c to 50 degree c.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: a) Additional non-shaking tray(Made of S.S.) b) Built-in-U.V. germicidal tube light c) Automatic voltage stabilizer 3.0 KVA .