Asha Scientific Works



Consists of a robust light box in matt black finish with a 12 V 24 W axial filament lamp with flexible leads. One end of the box takes a cylindrical convex lens in an adjustable sliding mount to enable production of convergent, parallel or divergent beams. The other end of the box has a triple aperture system for colour mixing experiments. The two side apertures are provided with hinged mirrors. All apertures are provided with vertical channels to hold slit plates and/ or colour filters.

But complete with accessories which consist of:

5 Plastic blocks,one rectangular,one semi-circular,one equilateral prism 60°x60°x60°, one right angle prism 90°x60°x30° and one right angle prism 90°x45°x45°.

3 Cylindrical acrylic lenses:one double convex,one double concave, both having the same radius of curvature and one thick convex lens.

3 Mirrors,one plane glass,one curved parabolic and one curved semi-circular.

2 Slit plates, one with three narrow and one narrow slits,the other with four narrow and one wide slits.

1 Set of eight colour filters, red, green, blue, cyan, violet, yellow, orange and magenta.

1 Set of coloured cards, red, green, blue, violet, orange, cyan, yellow and pink.

Complete with one spare lamp, in box.