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Freeze drying is a technique of fundamental importance to the biological sciences in particular. In brief, Freeze drying is removal of water from a specimen after it has been frozen permitting maintenance of the specimen. Heat labile materials including proteins, antibiotic, vitamins preparations, blood plasma, hormones, tissue micro-organism etc. can now be preserved for years without any significant loss of activity. MB freeze laboratory model is housed in a super structure stainless steel frame with Complete with copper coil(Bonded outside), Perspex see through lid, gasket and control instrument i.e. Digital solid state temperature indicator LED display for measurement of temp and electronic vacuum indicator. The unit made out of hermetically sealed compressor and with 100 liters/min direct motor drive rotary vane type vacuum pump of double stage with Air ballast having ultimate vacuum of 1×30 toot or pump head. Temperature range 40 degree c. at ambient temperature of 20 degree c. Condenser trap: All non magnetic stainless steel fabrication, argon welded dished bottom for complete effluent removal. Refrigeration coils made of copper bonded to outside of condenser heavily insulated temp is adjustable to 40 degree c. and is maintained automatically. Vacuum drum has 12 port manifold(Main drying chamber) made of stainless steel non-magnetic grade with Perspex to cover.

Optional Accessories Secondary drying unit Pre-freezer attachment Automatic voltage stabilizer 5.0 KVA