Asha Scientific Works



One element, f-254mm
Condenser System Fresnel Lens (Standard)
Projection Lamp

240V-600W (Model RP-22)

24V-250W (Model RP-22A)

24V-250W/Twin (Model RP-22B)

Lamp Changer By Lever Knob (Model RP-22B)
Power Source AC 220-240V, 50Hz
Stage Aperture 250mmx250mm

Optional : 285mmx285mm

Reflector Metal Reflector
Focussing Metal, Rack & Pinion
Projection Distance Effectively 1 to 3 Mtrs.
Cooling System Fan Cooled
Safety Interlock Opening of the top Cover by disconnecting power Lead.
Power Cable Detachable Power Cable
Lamp Safety/Regulator Variable Intensity Control knob.
Folding Fixed Type (Detachable Parts)
Dimensions 305x305x285mm
Accessories Cellophane Roll Atachment, Writing Pack, Vinyl Cover etc.
Packing Sturdy Cardboard Box

Optional : Wooden Storing Cabinet

Optional Accessories 


OHP Stand, Cellophane Roll, OHP Mount, Laser Pointer, Halogen Bulbs, Plywood Cabinet, Transparency Making Kit, OHP Trolley, Projection Screens, Film Slides & Strips Attachment