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Product Overview 

    • Nice Quality High Power Professional Phase Contrast Trinocular Microscope!
    • Get the Best of Both Major Microscopy Techniques: Phase Contrast and Brightfield.
    • Perfect for viewing and analyzing living blood cells and unstained biological tissue specimens using phase contrast microscopy!
    • Includes brightfield microscopy capability for analyzing stained specimens on glass slides!
    • Images can be displayed directly on your TV or computer or laptop!
    • Great for health clinics, medical students, alternative medicine doctors, veterinarians, and medical technicians.
    • Surprisingly good quality imaging through well made optics.

Stage Specifications

    • Large Graduated Mechanical Movable (up/down and longitudinal Y-direction) Stage: 142 x 132mm.
    • The Stage Movement in the Longitudinal Y-Direction is a Great Option Found Only on More Expensive Models!
    • Low Position Coaxial X-Y Slide/Stage Movement Knobs – Range of Movement: 80mm (X-Direction – Slide Movement) x 52mm (Y-Direction – Stage Movement).


    • Coaxial Fine and Coarse Focusing Knobs on Both Sides of Microscope.
    • Coarse Adjustment Travel Range: 20mm (Stage Movement Distance Up/Down).
    • Fine Adjustment Division: 0.002mm.
    • Adjustable Lock Ring Stop to Limit Coarse Range to Protect Slides
    • Tension Adjustable Coarse Focusing.

Frame – Base – Size – Weight

    • Total Overall Height of Microscope: 400mm.
    • Instrument Weight: 8.9 kg

Included Accessories

    • Microscope Set Includes: dust cover, instructions, immersion oil for using on the 100x oil immersion objective lens, spare fuse and spare halogen bulb.
    • Includes c-mount for attaching ccd video camera and includes phototube (standard 23mm ID) for attaching various microphotography equipment.

Instruction Manual, Dust cloth, Dust cover,

Microscope Head Details
    • 45 Degree Inclined Trinocular Head, Rotatable 360 Degrees.
    • Adjusts to the Distance Between your Eyes: 55 to 75mm InterPupillary Distance.
    • Diopter Adjustment on Both Oculars to Correct for Your Specific Vision Needs.

Condenser – Iris – Filters

    • Phase Turret Condenser with Settings for Brightfield and for the Four Phase Annulus Rings: 10x, 20x, 40x, and 100x. Has Centering Knobs for the Phase Annulus Rings. Includes separate Phase Telescope for Viewing Alignment of Phase Annulus Rings. Includes Iris Diaphragm for use with the Brightfield Setting.
    • Brightfield Condenser: Additional Brightfield Condenser Included as Separate Item (not part of phase turret). 1.25 N.A. Abbe Substage Brightfield Condenser, Iris Diaphragm and Swing-Out Filter Holder. Three Filters Included: Blue, Green, Yellow.
    • Condenser Alignment Mechanism.
    • Rack and Pinion Steel Gears for Easy and Better Condenser Movement Up and Down.
    • Brightfield Magnifications Through Eyepieces: 40x, 64x, 100x, 160x, 400x, 640x, 1000x and 1600x.
    • Phase Contrast Magnifications through Eyepieces: 100x, 160x, 200x, 320x, 400x, 640x, 1000x and 1600x.
    • Eyepiece Sets Included: Wide Field 10x and Wide Field 16x.
    • Four Plan DIN Phase Contrast Objectives: 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x (Oil Immersion).
    • Four Achromatic DIN Brightfield Objectives: 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x (Oil Immersion).
    • The Phase Objectives are the Higher Grade DIN Standard PLAN.

Illumination Details

  • Transmitted Base Illumination: 20W, Variable Intensity, Tungsten Halogen Bulb.
  • Koehler Illumination System with Focusable Field Diaphragm on Base. This makes more efficient use of the light source and improves image quality. It is well worth the extra cost.
Optional accessories
  • DCM 35 Digital Camera for Microscope