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The charge is transferred from generator to the metallic dome, surrounding the upper pulley, with the help of the motor driven rubber belt and two metallic combs. To reach high voltages, the lower portion of the sphere is smoothly inturned.
The machine is fitted on base and other insulating parts are made of perspex, metal dome and the discharge sphere are polished.
Accessory Set

Head of Hair, brush of artificial hair may be fixed in 4 mm socket in top of upper dome of generator – Faraday pail-Neon Bulb-vibrating column to stimulate ions in motion in transparent plastic container and one spare belt.

Motor : Operates on 220V A.C. 50Hz.
Collecting : Rubber
Brushes : Metallic, non injurious to belt
Spheres : Aluminium 16.5 cm. diameter approx.
Voltage : 250 KV under dust free atmospheric conditions corresponding to a spark discharge of 7 cm.
Earthing : By earth lead of 3 core mains cable
Discharger : 10 cm. dia. sphere mounted on a metallic rod