Asha Scientific Works



Outer wall is made up of M.S. sheet duly painted and inside of S.S. The gap between inner and outer wall is fitted with high grade mineral glass wool. Temp. range from ambient to 70 degree c. is controlled by JUMO/EGO GERMAN capillary type thermostat with an accuracy of +- 5 degree c. The unit is provided with manual titling device, so as to tilt the tray holding the eggs. To work on 220/230 volts A.C. supply.


(a) Automatic water cut off device in case water supply is stoped.This is a solid state transistorized device which automatically keeps watch on regular supply of water in the flask and keeps the heaters On only when the water supply is normal. It automatically cuts OFF the supply of heaters from the mains when the water supply get disturbed and thus prevents the burning of heating element/melting of glass coil. Heaters would automatically be switched ON when the water comes to normal.

(b) Special grade rubber tumbling for connections (coil of 10 meters).