Asha Scientific Works




A latest binocular/ trinocualr inverted metallurgical microscope having co-axial coarse and fine motion

assembled on ball bearing guides, equipped with horizontal illuminator with centring provision, field and aperature

diaphragm and slots for dropping filters. Built in base variable solid state transformer. Large sturdy stage with X-Y axis


Objectives : M 5x, M 10x, M 20x, M 80x
Eye pieces : WF 10x (paired)
Micrometer Eye Piece (optional) : Fitted with 10mm scale in 100 parts. Object Micrometer
Object Micrometer Slide : 1mm in 100 division
Filters : Green, Yellow, Blue, Daylight blue in metal mount.
Filar Micrometer Eyepiece Grain Size eyepiece(optional) : WF 10x with 8 grain chart for rapid comparsion of micro structure.