Asha Scientific Works



Cat No. Product
1001450 Plate Girder Bridge
1001451 Lattice Girder Bridge
1001452 Lattice Bowstring Girder Bridge
1001453 Road Suspension Bridge
1001454 Stone Arch Bridge
1001455 R.C.C. Deck Slab Bridge
1001456 R.C.C. Balanced Cantilever Bridge
1001457 Floating Bridge
1001458 T Beam Bridge
1001459 Lift Bridge Across A Port Channel
1001460 Bridge Trusses

(a) Plate Type

(b) N Type

(c) Warren Type

(d) Lattice Type

(e) Lattice Bowstring Type

1001461 Road Culvert With Single Arch
1001462 Road Culvert Brick Barrel Type
1001463 Road Culvert Box Type
1001464 Road Culvert With R.C.C. Slab
1001465 Road Culvert Skew Type
1001466 Railway Culvert
1001467 Flyover Road Junction

(a) Clover Leaf Junction

(b) Diamond Pattern

1001468 Model of Cross Section of National Highway
1001469 Model of Sub-Surface Drainage
1001470 Road Signs
1001471 Model of Points Crossing
1001472 Model of Inter Locking
1001473 Grillage Foundation
1001474 Model of Foundation
1001475 Pile Driving Machine Model
1001476 Piles of Different Type

(a) Steel Sheet Pile

(b) Screw Pile

(c) Timber Pile

1001477 Wing Walls
1001478 Pneumatic Caisson
1001479 Model of Bricks
1001480 Bricklayer’s Scaffolding
1001481 Raking Shore
1001482 Flying Shore
1001483 Centering of Arch
1001484 Carpentry Joints
1001485 Model of Door Leaf

(a) Fully Paneled Door

(b) Half Paneled & Half Glazed Door

(c) Sash Door

(d) Ledged & Braced Door

(e) Flush Door

1001486 Model of Doors with Surrounding Frames

(a) Fully Paneled Door

(b) Half Paneled & Half Glazed Door

(c) Sash Door

(d) Ledged & Braced Door

(e) Flush Door

1001488 Model of Venetained Door with Surrounding Frames
1001489 Model of Windows

(a) Louvred or Venetain Window

(b) Double Hung Window

(c) Sliding Window

(d) Casement Window

(e) Awning Window

(f) Hopper Window

(g) Bay Window

1001490 Corner Window Lintel
1001491 Model of Stair Cases

(a) Dog Legged Stairs

(b) Open Well Stairs

(c) Quarter Turn Stairs

(d) Bifurcated Stairs

(e) Geometrical Stairs

1001492 Spiral Stairs
1001493 Lean to Roof Model
1001494 Collar Beam Truss Model
1001495 King Post Truss Model
1001496 Queen Post Truss Mode
1001497 Joints of Trusses
1001498 Model of Steel Roof Truss
1001499 Model of Roof Showing Ridge Hip & Valley
1001500 Model of Partition Wall
1001501 Model of Jack Arch Flooring
1001502 T Beam & Slab Reinforcement
1001503 Two Rooms & Varandah
1001504 Two Storied Building
1001505 Model of Coffer Dam
1001506 Gravity Dam
1001507 River Head Work
1001508 Gibb’s Module
1001509 Saddle Syphon Spillway
1001510 Spill Way Gate
1001511 Volute Syphon Spillway
1001512 Level Crossing
1001513 Viswewaraya Gate
1001514 Tank Sluice with Plug & Cistern
1001515 Tank Sluice with Tower Head
1001516 Tank Weir
1001517 Suppressed Weir
1001518 Sluice Gate
1001519 Canal Intake
1001520 Model of Canal Drop
1001521 Model of Slit Ejector
1001522 Model of Canal Regulator
1001523 Fish ladder
1001524 Model of an Aqueduct
1001525 Syphon Aqueduct
1001526 Super Passage of Two Span
1001527 Model of Slow Filter
1001528 Model of Rapid Sand Filter
1001529 Model of Pressure Filter
1001530 Safe Water Supply From a Pond
1001531 Safe Water Supply From a River
1001532 Sedimentation Tank
1001533 Flocculator
1001534 Trickling Filter
1001535 Indian Type Water Closet
1001536 Septic Tank
1001537 Imhoff Tank
1001538 Automatic Flushing Tank
1001539 Alum Jar Test Apparatus Electrically Operated